By now you may have heard we were disqualified from WardiTV Team League D3 during game 5 of our match with myRisk. We readied up our player Guitarcheese to play and the other team refused to play. They contacted Wardi because they believed playing a GM was not allowed. During the course of this team league we have played many teams and the majority of them fielded high rank GM’s to play. In fact when we first started the league we only had 1 rank 3 master on our team of which was mostly diamonds. As we progressed through the league losing many of our matches to high master and GM players we made the decision to switch to playing our highest MMR players available for each match.
There had been many complaints in the Wardi’s skype group about teams playing high masters and GM’s in the D3 tournament (months earlier) but all of them had been ignored so all the teams continued to play High Masters and GM’s.
We do acknowledge that the rule stated “This division is suggested for teams who are mostly made up of Bronze through to Diamond league players, with a low number of Master league players on the team.”
When we first entered the league we fit that definition. Nowhere in the rules did it restrict any level player. Due to the fact that every other team was fielding master and grandmaster players we continued to do so to stay competitive.
During our match last night Jonathan Ward (Wardi) made the decision to change the rules mid match game 5 of the series to exclude GM players. We offered him proof via replay and video that GM’s had been playing all season but our team captain was told to “Shut up” by Jonathan. This decision took about an hour to come to and he kept all of our viewers watching our stream waiting. (Sorry everyone out of our control)
The Wardi Admin informed us that Guitarcheese was not on the roster. This was due to him registering for Wardi with his Kendrick account. This was an account he used when returning to StarCraft after a year break so he switched to it because it was on the roster and was not a smurf account as it was showing his accurate MMR. At this point Guitarcheese had done this to prove a point that Master League players with GM MMR (5400 and above) had been playing all season. At no point did we play a GM player after we were told not to, we had Kingslayer a master league player ready to sub out waiting to play but the other team refused to play our master league player.
By this point Jonathan Ward was not amused with us proving him wrong in many forms so he decide to disqualify us from the league completely.
When questioned on twitter about his decision, due to him bringing the issue public, he decided to bad mouth Guitarcheese and Psionic Aftermath publicly in a post full of misinformation trying to deflect all blame on Psionic Aftermath.
We do believe at some points we could have handled ourselves better as a team, but dealing with this all season caused heated emotions due to many losses while attempting to play our diamond players.
We would like to apologize to our team and fans that had to endure through this fiasco.
Until further notice we have blacklisted all Wardi events.
Thank you,
Psionic Aftermath Leadership
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