In a best out of 9 tournament vs The Risen Ashes Psionic Aftermath comes out Victorious.

Thank you to The Risen Ashes for joining us for this friendly clan war.
Thank you to all who showed up to support us.
Thanks to the Players, Casters and Organizer the took the time to make this event sucessful.
If you enjoyed this clan war please post in the forums to let us know you would like more events like this!



Game 1 winner: (PsiX) JediStalker
Game 2 winner: (PsiX) Sky
Game 3 winner (PsiX) Apotat
Game 4 winner (PsiX) Passion
Game 5 winner (Ash3s) Koda
Game 6 winner (Ash3s) Koda
Game 7 winner (PsiX) Enforcer

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